About this volunteer


I’m Saorsa-Amatheia and I’m one of the two co-chairs of the civil service LGBT+ network.

I work within the DWP and have done throughout my long civil service career. Throughout my time I have been actively involved in D&I at various points chairing both the JCP and DWP Gender networks, helping to set up our first Transgender Network through that role, and most recently I have been National Co-chair of DWP Pride our LGBT+ Staff network.

Jefferson, my co-chair, and I come into the role of chair of the Civil Service LGBT+ Network as a proven team, responsible for driving through innovation, increased participation, and new ways of working for the benefit of LGBT+ colleagues and allies, through our chairing of DWP Pride. We believe in a bottom up approach and both an intradepartmental and intersectional way of working.

If you have a thirst to make a difference for LGBT+ Civil Servants through staff networking and the energy to be that catalyst for change, then get in touch. We want to hear from you and support you.