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This volunteer no longer works with us.

Tom Seddon is a former project team of the Civil Service LGBT+ Network.

Hi, I’m Tom (He/Him) and I’m delighted to be part of the Civil Service LGBT+ Network!

I work in the School Stakeholder Team at the Department for Education, supporting the Department’s engagement with the school sector and their communities. I have previously held roles in the LGBT team at the Government Equalities Office, Cabinet Office, and in the EU trade team at Defra. Prior to joining the Civil Service, I taught at a primary school in West Yorkshire.

In all of my roles, I have been involved in a range of LGBT+ networks, and I was previously Chair of Teach First’s LGBT+ Network. I’m keen to support our LGBT+ colleagues across the Civil Service, to ensure everyone is able to bring their ‘whole selves’ to work; I’m particularly keen to support the career development of LGBT+ Civil Servants – whether that is through mentoring, careers events or at our upcoming 2022 conference.