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Complete this form to generate the text you need to upload content to the website.

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The fastest way to add posts to the website is to use GitHub. If you have a GitHub account, you can add files directly to our GitHub repository via a pull request. The tool can step you through the process of creating a new post directly.

If you have difficulties using GitHub, you can also send the information via email. The tool can:

  1. generate an email to send to our central team to post the information
  2. generate a file that you can send to our central team via email to post
  3. copy the information the central team will need to your clipboard; you can then paste this information into an email to send to our central team to post

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Event name and summary

Summarise the event in single, short sentence.

Event host
If this post relates to one of the topic pages on the website, enter the last part of the URL.
Publish date


For example – 31 12 2021
Event start and end dates

Start date and time

For example – 31 12 2021 18 00

End date and time

For example – 31 12 2021 18 00
Event registration details
If you want attendees to register online using a form, enter the URL for the form.
If you want attendees to register by email, enter the email address they should contact.
If this you don't want attendees to register in advance, enter a message explaining that here.

Registration deadline date and time

For example – 31 12 2021 18 00
Event location
Enter either the name of the digital service that will be used or the address for the venue.
Images and videos

Sets the hero image for the post. Must be an image uploaded via the Image Store.

Shows a video at the top of the post.

Permalinks and redirects

Amend this field to change the post permalink.

Use this to redirect from another page to this page.

Use this to redirect to another page from this page.

Main content

This is the main content of your post.

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If you are asked to "fork this repository", read our guidance on using GitHub.

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