In 2018, I was appointed Bi Champion on the Welsh Government PRISM Board. Apparently, I am the first Bi Champion here at the Welsh Government. Did you know?

People are full of surprises and I am betting almost no one noticed that I am Bi. Only a few of you will have spotted that I am also a long-term monogamist. It’s just how I am!

It may sound odd but in a way, I am Bi by accident. My Autism (don’t tell me you hadn’t spotted that?!) means that I can’t ‘see’ what gender people are. Of course, not all people with Autism have this difficulty. Every person is unique but we all have humanness in common. I am delighted to celebrate our differences and raise the profile of Bi-visibility Day, as a member of the PRISM Board.

Since becoming Bi Champion, I have been able to facilitate a strategic workshop for board members to create a business plan - to complement our already fabulous communications work. I also helped create some bi-information materials. You can access some of these materials at the bottom of this blog post.

I would like to talk to other Bi people internally in Welsh Government (in confidence), so that I can better represent your views. It is impossible to know who is who, so I am hoping that, as word gets around, a few of you will come and find me for a chat!

I am also keen to learn from Bi Champions from other organisations, inside and outside Wales, so please feel free to introduce me.

Bi-visibility Day is on Wednesday 23 September this year, and the Bi+ Inclusion Team will be hosting a virtual conversation on intersectionality in the bi+ community so please come along for a chat!

Diana Reynolds


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