The Civil Service LGBT+ Network is a nation-wide network. We’ve got members in every part of the UK. We’re entirely reliant on you — our members — to help us do our work around the country.

Introducing local organisers

For the past few months, we’ve been asking for people to come forward and be a “local organiser”. Local organisers are LGBT+ civil servants or allies that want to do things near where they live or work to improve things for LGBT+ civil servants.

We ask our local organisers to do things like:

  1. run events in their office focussed on LGBT+ issues
  2. host social or networking events for staff in their area
  3. help to deliver campaigns or themed work that is happening elsewhere in their own area

Who’s organising things near me?

We’ve had lots of people come forward saying they’d like to help out. We’ve started to make a list of them on our team page.

We’re going to be regularly publishing any activities that this team of volunteers is planning. You’ll be able to see them on our events page.

If you live or work near to one of our local organisers, and you’d like to help them organise something — or if you have an idea for an event of your own — email them or let us know and we can put you in touch.

Why is there nothing near me?

If you’re wondering why an event or activity isn’t taking place near where you live, it’s because we don’t have anyone who’s told us they’d like to help out. If you’d like to step forward, then contact us.