On 10th July we had the pleasure of hosting a Bi+ Visibility and Intersectionality event in London. The event was well attended, including by senior guest speakers Emily Miles and Jonathan Slater.

Emily spoke movingly about her personal experiences and the importance of not being afraid to bring all your identities to the fore in the Civil Service.

Read Emily’s story in her own words.

Emily has also appeared in our video series Civil Service Rainbow Alliance Talks, in the Bisexuality edition, alongside other Bi+ civil servants sharing their experiences.

Watch the video.

Jonathan Slater is the Permanent Secretary for DfE and is the Civil Service LGBTI Diversity and Inclusion Champion. He was also named Stonewall Senior Champion of the Year, 2019. Jonathan was keen to hear our views on Bi+ inclusion in the Civil Service and our thoughts on ways to improve visibility and reduce biphobia. He spoke enthusiastically about the importance of championing LGBT+ and intersectional issues and the progress the Civil Service has made and is still striving to make.

Read more about Jonathan’s appointment as LGBTI Champion.

We shared our own stories and challenges around feeling visible in spaces that are not always accepting or acknowledging of Bi+ and intersectional identities. Continuing on to lunch after the event, we bonded as friends, and shared with one another the sense that there is a safe space for Bi+ individuals, and that we can now feel just a little more empowered to take our whole selves into our working lives.

If you are interested in similar events and resources, please find:

  • Our Bisexuality Factsheet, designed to raise awareness of bisexuality and the experiences of bisexual people
  • Our Facebook group which you can also find by searching “Civil Service BiSpace Online” into Facebook
  • Our mailing list sign-up page (please tick the box indicating your interest in bi issues)