Nick Pett is a Senior Civil Servant and a LGBT+ advocate

My allyship is a promise to LGBT+ people. It is an offer of love and friendship.

It is the commitment to willingly use my time and energy to understand historical and present-day hatred, violence and discrimination towards LGBT+ people.

It is the guarantee that I will listen to you in order to understand your lived experiences. It is the desire to read, listen to, see and be with you.

It is the promise that I will use that learning to help build a more inclusive life, workplaces and society.

I will carry my allyship with me wherever I go and you will be able to see it and hear it wherever I am.

I will speak out against phobic behaviours, cultures and people.

I will critically analyse the policies, practices and outputs of my employer, and work to understand and respond to potential and current developments in society and internationally.

I will work hard to educate fellow straight people and to help others to become allies. I will celebrate you, support you, and defend you.

I will do my best to never let you down. I am hugely proud to be with you   

Introducing our new resources for allies. Want to be a good ally to your LGBT+ colleagues? We’ve produced and collated a range of resources to help you.