Google Groups

Groups are email based distribution lists. You can sign up in minutes; just by sending an email. Once you are subscribed, that’s it. If you change your mind later, you can unsubscribe again with one simple email.

Our Google Groups are expanding again, in addition to March’s increase we now have groups to join in Wales, Yorkshire and Humber and for Ethnic Minority Inclusion. We are hoping that the expansion of Groups will help boost engagement with those regions and topic areas. There are already Google Groups set up across a number of regions and topics.

Groups allow our Local Organisers to communicate more informally and potentially more frequently with our members. This can be used by the Local Organisers to help arrange and inform people of events and activities happening with your region or to do with a topic of your interest.

For a full list of areas that are covered, please check out the ‘Groups’ page. It is at this page you will also find joining instructions for the Groups.