We are the Civil Service LGBT+ Network.

We're helping to create a more diverse, inclusive and equal place to work for civil servants with minority sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and sex characteristics.

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  • Civil Service LGBT+ mentoring programme: about the programme

    This publication provides general information about the Civil Service LGBT+ Network's mentoring programme, including eligibility, how to become a mentor and a mentee, and what resources and support are available.

    Published by Civil Service LGBT+ Network

  • Our work and programmes

    This document explains the work and programmes that we have planned, and our progress in delivering them. It will be updated as our plans change and work develops.

    Published by Civil Service LGBT+ Network

  • Local Organiser role description

    This document describes the role of our Local Organisers. It also provides some examples of the events and activities organised by them.

    Published by Civil Service LGBT+ Network

  • Mentoring

    Find out more about our mentoring scheme for LGBT+ civil servants.

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  • Pride 2022

    Everything you need to know about Civil Service Pride 2022.

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